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My Philosophy

   My goal at all times is to help you relax and feel safe and comfortable, whether you

visit me for relaxation or for rehabilitative work. You and I will work together to design

the session you need; and we can and will adjust that design during the session to

address your comfort and my assessment of your treatment needs.

The Basics

What is massage?

  Massage is  defined as the manipulation of soft tissue for therapeutic (healing) effect.

Define ‘manipulation of soft tissue’.

  ‘Soft tissue’ includes muscle, tendon, ligament, fascia and periosteum.

‘Manipulation’ refers to the use of an array of techniques and massage strokes to move,

warm, lengthen, increase blood flow, reduce pain and restriction to an area of soft tissue.

What are the massage techniques and strokes used?

At this time the techniques (modalities) I use are: Western Style Swedish (relaxation); and

Triggerpoint (rehabilitative) therapy; with a bit of reflexology and fascial work thrown in.

These can be broken down further into the strokes that make up each particular modality:

Swedish Relaxation consists of: effluerage, petrissage, tapotement, friction, vibration,


Trigger point therapy consists of very slow, layering strokes including: palm glides,

thumb glides with and across the muscle fiber direction, thumb-over-thumb, static

pressure and cross-fiber friction.

How many sessions will I need?

  It really varies based on your symptoms, how chronic, how recent, severity, your goals,

financials etc. In most cases you will experience some relief the first session. I prefer to

see clients weekly or bi-weekly when there is a specific issue we are working through. I

generally see more lasting results by the third session. It tends to be a week by week

decision we both make depending on progress. Sometimes there will need to be lifestyle,

exercise, postural changes/ attention to help along and maintain relief. Once your

goals are met a monthly maintenance session is suggested to keep ahead of any further

 issues. If nothing is really going on these can be mostly relaxation in nature with some

focused attention on areas I may palpate as being tight etc. Some clients continue to

come in weekly or bi-weekly because of the nature of their job, hobbies, lifestyle; there’s

always something that needs attention. I do also love to give just relaxation/escape

massages so feel free to just need one of those too. 

    Sometimes it’s nice just to do something soothing and peaceful for ourselves.

What will a session consist of?

  First, some forms to be filled out. Then we will sit and discuss your symptoms and goals.

I will ask questions to help me determine where,when and how your symptoms are,

how they behave, what may be causing/ or have caused them. We will talk about your

goals, what results you are looking for, how I plan to approach your treatment session to

meet those goals. If you are in accord we will move forward. From there we will get you on

the table. You may start either face up or face down, in which case the face cradle

pillow will be set up for you. Depending on what areas of the body we are focusing on I

will let you know how much to undress. Any part of the body that you uncover while

undressing will be covered on the table by a sheet and blanket (unless you are too

warm with the blanket). I will exit the room while you undress and get on the table,

and not re-enter until I knock and get the go ahead from you.

At no time will breast tissue be exposed, nor genital or gluteal areas. If your pectoralis

(chest) muscle needs attention you will be asked to hold the sheet down over breast

tissue and retract enough for me to access the muscle. If you need glute work, only one

side will be uncovered at a time and the cleavage will not be fully exposed. The sheet

will be wrapped in such a way as to cover as much as possible, keeping genitals

covered and secure. Even when working a leg or arm, the area will be uncovered and

covered only as needed.

What if I don’t like what your doing, it hurts, or I feel exposed?

  Please, please speak up right away! There is nothing I will be doing that cannot be

adjusted for pressure, draping or technique. There are different approaches to any

area. If it hurts, then we are going deeper than the muscle can handle. Don’t try to

‘take’ it because you think it should hurt to get better. No, you should be able to be

comfortable.Sometimes we may ride the edge of comfort, but you should not be

wincing through your massage. I will not be miffed if something I’m doing doesn’t

work for you.  We can talk about anything at any time, alter and fix it.

What about those embarrassing things that can happen on the table?

  We are all human. Part of my training has been, as for any health care provider, in

being professional about it and helping you to not be conscious of it or embarrassed.

I want you to be able to relax. Yes, you could fall asleep and snore. No problem, I will

wake you when I need to speak to you or our time is up.

Yes, you could pass gas. Well, one of the bodies responses to massage is to move into

a parasympathetic, or relaxed state. One of the indicators of this is digestion

stimulation. So it’s natural and it wouldn’t be the first time. You may feel sweaty and

worry, I generally keep body wipes in the treatment room so you can wipe down

if necessary.

For men:

  On the note of parasympathetic, Yes it is possible to experience an
innocent erection during a massage. Not common, but it happens. As
long as it IS innocent, you don’t act upon it, and do your best to
regain control I will ignore it. I may alter my technique or move to a
different area to help you gain control, we may flip you over if
necessary. I will not say anything to you about it unless I get the
feeling that there is more going on. In which case the massage will
probably be over. I will not tolerate anything of a sexual nature in my
treatment room. So if an innocent erection should occur, breathe,
focus, and regain control, and try not to be so embarrassed that you
cannot relax again. As I said before, we are all human.

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