Welcome to my website. Click around, see if the info provided answers your questions.  You can make an appointment online using the “book now” button on the right, calling or texting. Please also contact me with any questions.

Also, please let me know if you can’t find a time that works for you and we will work something out.

Be well!

Massage at Whisperleaf offers therapeutic benefits to everyone:  

  • soothing relaxation and stress symptom relief

  • aiding the healing of strains and sprains, and relieving the pain  associated with

       these and other repetitive motion injuries

  • quicker recovery from sports activities;  Massage is great for student athletes

  • addressing the ‘whiplash’ effects and pain resulting from a fall or car accident.

(Massage therapy is covered by most PIP/auto insurance in the case of an accident, with referral)

  There are also the general wellness benefits of:

  • increased nourishing blood supply

  • quicker elimination of metabolic wastes and toxins

  • improved energy

  All of which can help strengthen and boost your immune system.


  My sessions are tailored not just for each client but each visit:  

     I utilize a  combination of relaxation  and rehabilitative techniques;

     Swedish relaxation, trigger point,  myofascial release, aromatherapy, movement,

     stretching and/or hot stone or cold pack applications.

   There is no one size fits all massage:

    Maybe you need 90 min just addressing back issues.

    Perhaps 20 min addressing a sore shoulder and 40 min soothing sore legs and feet.

    You may wish to treat yourself to a 60 min session of pure relaxation.


    For whatever reason you visit,  my goal is to help you on your journey to health,

    wellness, and, perhaps, an hour of quiet peace.


   Click the “book now” button for 24/7 online self-booking.

      Your new appointment will  automatically be added to my calendar, and I will receive

    e-mail and text notification.  There is a space for comments; so, perhaps you run up

    against my evening end time, but would really like a longer or later appointment; 

    you can use this space to ask and I will respond ASAP.


      Call/text:   763-458-5875  (I actually prefer text if you do text, but please call if you like)

           E-mail:   whisperleaf.tw@gmail.com

        Address:   8421 Wayzata Blvd. Suite 220

                              Golden Valley, MN 55426

*I do take PIP/auto insurance with Doctors’ or Chiropractors’ prescription*

          Thank you for visiting my website,  Be  well.


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